We have an app for that

We have put together a neat little app that you can use to find and play OLab3 and OLab4 scenarios. It will work on either iOS or Android.

You can access and install it using this link:


You still need to use a password combo to access the OLab4 server but you can choose to store that in your browser or keychain.

Edit: Sadly, as often happens with the Freemium model, Glide.io have now changed their pricing structure. The free version is now very limited. The custom URL that we had no longer works. The app is still accessible at https://nondescript-boundary-0902.glideapp.io/ which is a very “memorable” name. The costs and limitations of even the Private versions are not justifiable for our purposes. Oh well it was nice while it lasted. Remember the Pigs in a Barn.

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