OLab4 demo at AMEE

Our first launch and demonstration of what the new OLab4 Designer, the authoring interface for scenario development, is taking place today at the AMEE Conference in Vienna.

The main concept mapping tool will be familiar to OpenLabyrinth v3 authors. We have retained its basic useful functions, made it simpler and more accessible.

To take a look at some of the demonstration scenarios that we have created, go to¬†https://demo.olab.ca/player/olab — login as ‘ltopps‘ (that’s with a small L at the front for Learner) and with a password of ‘learner‘ when asked to sign in.

There are just a few simple demo cases to start with. We will build more to demonstrate OLab4’s new capabilities.

4 thoughts on “OLab4 demo at AMEE”

  1. Hi guys, unfortunately I missed your AMEE presentation and could not locate you at the conference.
    Is version 4 available for download already? On Github I could only find v 3.3, and I’d rather start with the new version directly.

    1. Yes, it is on GitHub at github.com/olab/OLab4
      It is now very stable yet. Alpha rather than beta. Don’t use for production yet.

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