OLab3 service changes pending

Sorry everyone for the inconvenience. We have been having issues with the server at https://demo.openlabyrinth.ca for a few weeks now.

We will need to switch to a more stable server – this will probably happen on Monday 5 DEC 2022. We will post the new server URL at that time.

In the meantime, what to do?

  1. You can continue to use https://demo.openlabyrinth.ca until Monday.
  2. The forgot-my-password link on that server will not function properly. (It will say that it will send you a link but that will not be sent.)
  3. We will copy the data files from https://demo.openlabyrinth.ca to the new server on Monday. This means that…
    1. Case materials and edits on https://demo.openlabyrinth.ca should still be carried over
    2. User account details will remain the same
    3. Session data (who played what when) will be carried over.
  4. The server at https://demo.openlabyrinth.ca/ will be running more slowly because of these internal problems.

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