OLab3 Demo server moved

The move was successful!

You can now find your cases and scenarios at https://mvp.olab.ca

We also moved all the user credentials, groups, logins etc over at the same time so you should be able to login using the same username and password as before.

The forgot-my-password link now works again, in case you need that.

All of the case/scenario/map names remain the same. Also the map ID numbers are the same as they were on https://demo.openlabyrinth.ca/ — this means that if you have a URL that points to a particular map or node, it will almost work. Map IDs and Node IDs are unchanged.

Remapping a URL

If you have a URL in an external file, such as a Moodle Course or a WordPress page, you may need to edit it to point to the new site e.g. for the well known ‘Welcome’ case, instead of…


…it will now be at https://mvp.olab.ca/renderLabyrinth/index/5

We are working with UCIT to reassign demo.openlabyrinth.ca to this new server so that the original URLs will work. We are not sure how long this will take for them to implement. Please contact us if this is creating problems for you.

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