CRAWWLA Project update

Competence, Resilience, and Adaptability With and Without Learning Augmentation (CRAWWLA)

This project was slow to get off the ground… apt for its name. Supported by the Taylor Teaching Scholars program, the aim of this project was to explore how teachers and learners adapt to increasing and decreasing availability of various learning augmentations.

The concept of ‘learning augmentation’ tends to focus on information technology but we should remember that there are many other forms of augmentation. So what happens when we lose it?

Do we just ‘lose it’? …as in meltdown, tantrum, go off in a huff etc.

Even the web site for this project,, took so long to get up and running that it was no longer useful to engage teachers or learners and we had generally moved on. An interesting example of the ‘Without’!

However, the project has been progressing with all sorts of work behind the scenes. Watch this space for a series of updates over the coming weeks.

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