CRAWWLA progress

In the past couple of weeks, we have made some significant progress on the CRAWWLA project. This has been helped by some buttressing activities from within other projects at OHMES.

You may remember that a key tenet of the CRAWWLA Project was that of orthogonal data. Based on a concept originally raised here, the principle behind orthogonal data was not falling into the trap of merely making redundant archive copies of your data.

So we have now installed 3 services that help to integrate information across different educational software platforms. We have an instance of Learning Locker in place. This will be set up to accept data from 4 other sources, all looking at integrating information across a bunch of common software apps.

This will also tie into the progress being made by Michelle Cullen from the School of Nursing at the University of Calgary, on integrating different approaches to assessing learners, their communication and problem solving skills, in a professional nursing program.

Testing is ongoing – we should soon be able to make these tweaks publicly available.

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