Working with images in OLab

For those who are used to working with web sites and uploading images, they will find it pretty easy to do this with OLab. But for some faculty, a bit of guidance about what is appropriate and allowed, we created a how-to case: – ‘Picture this’ – there are some pointers about copyright law, workarounds and how to effectively embed images into your pages. Worth working through.

Some of its specific technical directions relate to the older OLab version 3 interface but much of the information still applies.

One chief difference in OLab4 is Scoped Objects. As with OLab3, we can attach media files (images, documents etc) directly to a map and store them on the OLab server. This provides some small assurance that the file will be available, rather than depending on an externally linked object. For more info about Scoped Objects, check our user guide:

Please do NOT do this with video files – these quickly bog down our server capacity. Videos should always be hosted on an external service such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. Or you can use our CURIOS service to add curated segments of YouTube videos to your cases. See CURIOS video mashup service fixed