Why did Avatars not make the cut in OLab3 cases imported into OLab4?

The quirky little avatar system that started a Macromedia Flash system in OLab2, survived as an HTML5 based system in OLab3, has not been (sadly) included in OLab4’s capabilities.

These simple images were remarkably popular with our case authors. But they also produced a certain ‘same-ness’ to our cases and were quite dated in appearance. Given that they were originally created back in 2003, they have done pretty well for two decades.

But I still want my old avatars

For those who are still attached to their old OLab3 generated avatars, it is quite simple to convert them to an image file that can then be easily added to your case. Bring up the Avatar editor in OLab3 and then right-click on it and save it as an image file.

Alternative approaches

There are now many other ways of creating avatars, some of which are quite sophisticated e.g. FACETed avatars

We have elected instead to encourage authors to use these external tools, which can be easily integrated into existing OLab4 and OLab3 cases, leaving our development resources free to tackly things that other scenario editors cannot reach.