Play OLab scenarios on your mobile

With the move the OLab4, we are pleased that using a mobile phone is now more practical and feasible – you can now play cases anywhere.

OLab generally sends very lightweight pages and does not use a lot of data or bandwidth. With the new design of the Player, it is better able to handle small screens and most things will work as designed.

There are some limits however:

  1. TTalk scenarios may not work correctly. We do not support the use of mobile devices for these cases.
  2. Your tracking data may be limited. Most users will not care – but remember that for some cases, what you do in the case is tracked by your teachers, with credit given according to how well you perform. But mobile users may not be tracked properly – so if you are doing a case for credit, check with your teachers first.
  3. There are many phone types and mobile operating systems out there. We have tested OLab with several but cannot guarantee seamless performance with all types.