Chat Objects deprecated in OLab4

In OLab3, we had a quirky little user interface object called a CHAT. When the user clicked on a text prompt, some additional hidden text would be revealed.

Because there was so little use of CHAT objects, they were added to the list of Deprecated OLab3 objects that would not be taken forwards into OLab4.

Please note that these Chat object have nothing to do with the more recent general use of the term ‘Chat’, as in ChatGPT, chatbots or chat agents where there is a more advanced interaction involving some form of natural language. Check out Using a Turk Talk scenario or OLab and Chatbots for more on this.

As noted, we will not be using CHAT objects at all in OLab4. At present, the Importer tool does not know how to handle such objects so they would need to be removed or replaced in your OLab3 maps.

There is a workaround that will essentially replicate the functionality of the CHAT object. You can instead use a simple Pick-choice or MCQ QUestion in its place. If you only provide a single Response, it will appear very similar to the OLab3 CHAT object. You can use the Feedback field in the Response to provide the revealed information when the user clicks on the question reponse. See the map ‘Chat Alternative‘ for a wee bit more info on how this works. Use ‘demo’ for a keyword to unlock the map.