Block edit test

This is to see if we can use the WordPress block editor as a simple layout tool for OLab4.5.

Can we?

Can we place blocks side by side?

What happens if I now put another text block here?

That seems to work ok — and if we continue with flowing text in this block, it will just wap. Ok that seems reasonable.

Now can I insert another image below this text block?

Books and covers

Yes, that works ok. Now what happens if I keep adding text to this block? Will it continue all the way across to the right? Yes, it does.

However, if we take the HTML that is generated and paste it into a Node, it is not acceptable to the React.js renderer. See — generates an error. You can clean up that code with the editor at but that loses the positional formatting.

So, in practical terms, no we cannot at present use the WP Block Editor to do the same thing in OLab4.5