Anonymous access to OLab4 cases

We are improving the access to OLab4.6 maps and cases.

In OLab3, it was easy to create a map that was completely open.

Our security model in OLab4 has been tightened up considerably, which is great, but it has also made things a bit more finicky for making cases openly accessible. This is now possible — for example, try the following link: – this will take you directly into the ‘About this server’ map on our demo server, with no need for any login credentials.

We will make other maps similarly accessible in this way, using ‘anonymous’ access.

This is very handy for teachers who just want to make their case material accessible and don’t need any tracking of what their users did while on there.

If you want to make your case materials openly accessible this way, contact us. It requires a small tweak to one of the internal security tables. Eventually, we will make this something that authors can do for themselves, just as they did with OLab3.

At present, advanced authors who have access to a SQL tool can check out this additional info.

Guest access

Note that guest access and anonymous access are not quite the same thing. Guest access still requires a login — this is really easy: just use ‘guest’ as both the username and password.

Anonymous access requires no password at all.